Search and Rescue team helps out stuck snowmobiler near Storm Castle

GALLATIN COUNTY, Mont. – Just after midnight on Tuesday, rescuers located and retrieved a Bozeman man who went off-trail while snowmobiling near Storm Castle. The 52-year-old man’s wife said he had gone snowmobiling by himself in the area of Storm Castle and was expected to return before dark. When he didn’t return, the man’s wife drove to the trailhead, located his truck, and then called Sheriff’s Search and Rescue to make the report. Reach Air Medical flew the man’s planned route, using a search light and night vision but did not find him. Rescuers responded to the area with snowmobiles and found him hiking down the road 3 miles from the trailhead. The man said that he had gone off the trail 12 miles up the road near the cabins and became stuck. He tried to get unstuck but realized he would not be able to on his own […]

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